Our trip to Sharm El Sheikh

  • By: Mark
  • Date: July 24, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

We lived in the Moscow, and as I recall, we booked as part of a group tour, with charter air from Moscow Vnukovo. I think we might have spent a week, if that, but we enjoyed it immensely.

We stayed at the Jolie Ville Golf & Resort back in 2006 which at the time was part of the Swiss Movenpick chain of resort hotels. It is still going strong, from what I can tell, and it has very good reviews on most of the big travel sites.

Here are a couple photos from the Jolie Ville Golf & Resort property listing on Agoda:

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Most of the photos you will see here are really from the resort, which is a reflection on two things: One, we really did enjoy the resort and two, we really didn’t spend a lot of time out and about sightseeing etc. We did go into town a bit here and there, to get the taste of the local flavors so to speak and do a bit of shopping, but we didn’t try doing any long day tours or anything like that.

Wish I had taken more photos in the main square, lounging in the hookah bars, but the only ones I have are way too blurry – must have had fun!

We just enjoyed the resort, with its massive system of pools and lazy rivers, and the easy access to the rocky banks of the Red Sea. And that is clearly reflected in just some of the photos we took then.

The snorkeling and diving there is just spectacular. You simply step off the dock, right in front of your resort hotel, and you are in a massive fishbowl.

Red Sea Diving in Sharm El Sheikh
Red Sea Diving in Sharm El Sheikh – just step off the dock!