Seven great hotels in Helsinki for train travelers

  • By: Mark
  • Date: August 26, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Here are seven great Helsinki hotels near the train station that are all good solid choices for those arriving or departing by rail.

Our criteria for selecting prime hotels in Helsinki for train travelers

All of these hotel choices meet our main criteria, which are:

Reliable brands with good reviews and location (proximity to the train station in Helsinki).

And of course if we are going to visit Finland, we’d not want to miss a chance to get a chance to unwind a bit in a proper Scandinavian sauna while we are there!

These are all 4-5 star hotels, and all are part of well-regarded reliable and predictable European hotel chains/brands (no surprises). I have stayed in Sokos hotels, including a couple on this list, and have booked a great many travel clients in Scandic hotels and Radisson Blu hotels. You are going to get a good clean professionally-run hotel stay in any of these.

These choices are within walking distance of the train station, so unless you have really more bags than you can drag (on wheels), then you really don’t even need a taxi from the train station to the hotel. Just roll it on over, and check right in!

All these hotels are no more than 500 meters from the front doors of the Helsinki Rautatientori (central train station).

All of these hotels offer a sauna on site.

in fact here is a map with all the hotel selections in the immediate area of the Helsinki train station:

Read our post about our rail and sail trip to Helsinki and Stockholm during the winter holidays. We took an overnight train from Moscow, arrived in Helsinki close to mid-day, and just rolled up out of the front doors of the train station (pictured above) and proceeded on foot, with bags on rollers, right over to the Sokos Hotel Presidentti. It was our first ever trip to Finland, and I am not sure it could have been easier.

And because these hotels are all in close proximity to the train station in Helsinki, it means they are also not far from the waterfront, market square, the esplanade and senate square. In fact many of these same hotels would be suitable for travelers taking a ferry sailing to Stockholm or Tallinn.

What to See and Do in Helsinki

Helsinki offers a rich blend of history, architecture, picturesque waterfronts, and its own traditional Nordic culture, all in one on relatively compact area.

Plan a stopover in Helsinki

Finnair is one of a number of international air carriers that offers a great stopover program for travelers wanting to stop and spend up to five days in Helsinki, before continuing on to other destinations in Europe or Asia. Imagine making the transatlantic leg over from North America, stopping in Helsinki for a couple days, and working in a day trip to Tallinn on the ferry, before returning to Helsinki and continuing on your way.

Travel options from Helsinki

Helsinki is actually pretty good jump-off point for exploring other Baltic countries. Most of us will find it pretty hard to travel to Russia for the foreseeable future, but there are still plenty of other compelling travel options that link Helsinki to a number of other Scandinavian destinations.

Baltic Ferry Routes from Helsinki

Helsinki is home to several established ferry lines that operate regular sailings from Helsinki to Tallinn and to Stockholm, as well as to Mariehamn (Aland) and also all the way to Lubeck (Travemunde) Germany.

Tours and Cruises from Helsinki

In addition to the ferries that run to Stockholm and Tallinn, there are a number of interesting and compelling cruise and tour options that you might find interesting.

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