Best All Inclusive Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh

  • By: Mark
  • Date: July 30, 2023
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If you are going to Sharm El Sheikh for a vacation, then you are going for the sun and the amazing red sea diving, even you only plan to snorkel right from the comfort of your resort.

The best resorts in Sharm El Sheikh are perfectly situated right on the edge of a massive real world fishboat, where you simple set down your drink, traipse on down to the edge of the dock and step off – and you are in suspended in an amazing underwater world filled with tropical fish that you have probably only seen out of an aquarium.

Of course there are plenty of other attractions and places to visit and things to do in Sharm El Sheikh itself, and we loved exploring the local area when we visited, but the main attraction is going to be the Red Sea itself and the the amazing hospitality and facilities of the resort that puts it all right at your feet.

Our Criteria for Best Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh

So that is the first criteria – location. Next you want great amenities and great service, so only 4 and 5 star will do. And we want all inclusive properties.

Lastly we want to always ensure that these properties are good solid reliable choices, so we have gone through the list and removed those that didn’t pass in terms of reviews – not that we crossed checked with Agoda and to ensure we’re getting consistent responses.

What we get here is our list of the best all-inclusive resorts in Sharm El Sheikh!

There are more, obviously than just these top ten that make the grade and this list could have been easily three times longer, so don’t hesitate to scroll around on the map. As you look around the map along the beaches, you’ll see the massive pool facilities, which is a good indicator of the size and scope of the amenities, but make sure that they have good beach access.

Here are a few representative images of what you are probably looking for:

It is probably worth noting here that this is not a sandy beach location, if that is what you are accustomed to enjoying. Here in Sharm El Sheikh the attraction is the rocky shoreline (for the amazing undersea world it offers), so it won’t always be soft sand beaches, and particularly if you are looking for good places to snorkel or dive, you probably want to the ones situated on rocky cliffs. That is what we did and we loved it – see below!

We visited Sharm El Sheikh and enjoyed it immensely – read our post here where we share our experience on our trip to Sharm El Sheikh when we spent a week sunbathing and snorkeling in the Red Sea at the Jolie Ville Golf & Resort.

This resort didn’t get as good as reviews as the other Maritim Jolie Ville property here that made the list, but we still recommend this property as a solid option, due to the amazing snorkeling (location) and great amenities.

Things to see and do in Sharm El Sheikh

Check out a full range of fun tours, day trips, excursions, local cruises and diving adventures and various other amazing activities in Sharm El Sheikh.

Visiting Cairo and the Pyramids from Sharm El Sheikh

When we visited Sharm El Sheikh, we had the opportunity to book a day trip, so to speak, to see the pyramids but we opted to pass on this. By day trip it was like a 20+ hour ordeal, and we decided to spend our limited vacation time enjoying what we already had available. But it is certainly possible to visit and tour the pyramids and Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh, if you are so inclined. In fact there are even airplane charter tours from Sharm El Sheikh to visit the pyramids and bring you back the same day.

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