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Europe on $100 per Day

How to visit Europe for $100 a day

Can you still visit Europe for $100 a day in 2023? Probably not anymore, but with a little planning and creativity, you can get close. Of course, there are a few stipulations involved. First, you don’t have to be a backpacker to do see Europe on the cheap. Second, you do not have to live…

Best Stopover Cities

Best Stopover Cities in the World

You’re planning your next vacation and have a week off from reality to go see a new part of the world. You will most likely have the option to have a layover before getting to your final destination. Why not extend your layover in another fun new city and add two new stamps to your…

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Helsinki Waterfront Market Square

Helsinki Uncovered: What to See and Do in the Finnish Capital

Must-See Places and Things to Do in Helsinki Nestled on the northern coast of the Gulf of Finland along the shores of the Baltic Sea, the charming city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland offers a perfect blend of rich history, modern architecture, picturesque waterfronts, and a distinct Nordic culture. From world-class museums to majestic…

Sharm El Sheikh Resorts

Best All Inclusive Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh

If you are going to Sharm El Sheikh for a vacation, then you are going for the sun and the amazing red sea diving, even you only plan to snorkel right from the comfort of your resort. These resorts are perfectly situated right on the edge of a massive real world fishboat, where you simple…

Bangkok BTS Sky Trains

The Insider’s Guide to Bangkok’s BTS & MRT: Hidden Gems & Must-See Spots

So, you’re in busy Bangkok and are overwhelmed by the traffic, tuk-tuk drivers, motorcycle taxis, and cars that never stop for pedestrians. Thankfully, there’s an easier and faster way to bypass all the madness on the buzzing streets of BKK. Bangkok Rapid Transit Systems The BTS and MRT stations are the two rapid transit systems…

Helsinki Central Station

Seven great hotels in Helsinki for train travelers

Here are seven great Helsinki hotels near the train station that are all good solid choices for those arriving or departing by rail. All of these hotel choices meet our main criteria, which are: These are all 4-5 star hotels, and all are part of well-regarded reliable and predictable European hotel chains/brands (no surprises). These…

Sri Lankan Beach Resort Paradise

Best Beach Resorts in Sri Lanka

Here are our picks for the best beachfront resorts in Sri Lanka. Relax and enjoy all the amazing beauty and splendor of Sri Lanka at one of these amazing 5-star beach resorts. There might be no better place to really to escape to than one of these resort gems – many of which are surprisingly…

Taking the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm

Our Rail and Sail Trip to Helsinki and Stockholm

We took a winter holiday trip from Moscow to Helsinki and built in a short side tour to Stockholm. We took the overnight train from Moscow to Helsinki, where we planned to spend a few days before joining a Russian tour group and travelling to Stockholm on a ferry. This was our first rail and…